Cari Cole, founder and director of Cari Cole Voice Studios

“April White's eccentric, theatrical vocals and musical mish-mash of genres is inventive and playful—a refreshing perspective that defies the word ‘commercial.’ She'll wake you up and toss you about.” 

Matthew Corozine, acting teacher/director/owner of MCS Theatre, Inc.

“April White's presence can stop traffic in rush hour—and then the woman can deliver. She is emotionally rich and connected, and behind her instincts is a hidden power that leaves you wanting more. Watch out for her. I believe in her and her talent."

Barbara Maier Gustern, vocal coach to NYC's outré chanteuses

​"Take a centrifuge add talent, creativity, intelligence, and a dash of Dusty Springfield and turn it on.  Out comes the often unexpected songs of April White: sometimes hilarious, sometimes deep and sad. To work with her is to be with a person always intent on achieving everything she can. I have seen her voice grow in range and color as she strives to bring it in line with whatever creation is whirling around in her brain."

Brette Goldstein, owner/founder of Brette Goldstein Casting

April White is fun, quirky-fabulous, smart smart smart and open. She’s a great listener and brings a special spark to her characters. April is easy to work with and a great collaborator. It’s been a joy to have her in my class. I love the true artist that is April White."

Peter DeGiglio, host/producer of 'The Skinny with Peter DeGiglio'

April White is one of the heppest cats I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She has a personality that combines a chic and savvy spunk with a softhearted charm. Armed with a mixer, a laptop and a microphone, April never fails to keep the audience on its toes while providing the perfect, cheeky foil to my innocent, nice guy persona when we share the stage at my talk show."

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